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Decorating a Small Dining Room

Any room, no matter if it is small or big, can only be interesting if you know some decorating techniques. For some homeowners, a big dining room is easier to furnish compared to a small one. On the other hand, furnishing a small dining room may be challenging but if you use a little imagination and apply your artistic skills, your room may turn out to be more attractive and efficient.

To make your task easier, follow the succeeding rules.

1. Dwell on the scale. When decorating a small room, it is essential that you consider the scale. The dining room furniture that you will need should be measured on the available space that you have.

2. Choose a minimal color selection. You can go for the neutral or lighter shades first to make it look roomy. Nevertheless, avoid using divergent shades for accents. Alternatively, you can use daring hues if you have a good knowledge of how to play with colors but make sure to keep it simple and straightforward.

3. Make use of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light; thus, creating an impression of spaciousness. Place them tactically on your walls and opt to use more than one.

4. Choose the best shape for your dining table.

A rectangular and narrow table is the best option for a narrow and small dining area. Just ensure that you provide adequate walking area.

You can also have a custom-built rectangular table against the wall. It would be nice if it can be folded up after a meal and just leave the chairs so you get to have more space. This is particularly a good choice for those living in apartments, town homes or condominiums.

It is also be a good choice to get tables supported by pedestals instead of the usual four legs. This shows more space; hence, giving an impression of roominess.

5. Opt to have armless chairs. These types of chairs will open more space unlike with the arm chairs. Select chairs that are not too bulky. There are good selections of slim chairs on the net.

6. Transparent furniture is also a good option. Furniture made of glass, acrylic or plexiglass offers more visibility, which again can create an illusion of having more space.

7. Use simple curtains or drapes. Avoid too much frills on your curtains or drapes. Stick to the simpler ones. A blind is a good choice especially if you want more confidentiality.

8. Opt to choose simple lighting fixtures. Recessed lights or ceiling lights offers a good ambiance aside from being more intimate. Avoid chandelier type of lights in a small dining area.

A small space does not limit you to project a bigger space. You can still get to furnish your area as long as you follow the above rules. It takes a few know-how and techniques, which you can obtain by reading home decorating magazines. The internet also offers many options. Most of all, you have to rely on your artistic skills and take into consideration the limited area that you have. Your small dining room can still look big if you rely on practicality instead of just choosing what is in style.

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Dining Room Decorating Ideas Come in Many Forms

How many dining room decorating ideas can you come up with? There are a lot of them like table sets, chairs, rugs, window treatments, lighting and ceiling fans. These don't have to be costly; you can make minor makeovers like window treatments and lighting that are relatively cheap. The window treatments can include shutters, curtains and drapes and the lighting can include ceiling fans or a simple drop light. Then there is the expensive renovations you can do like carpeting and new furniture that can really hurt your bank account.

If you are going to do major renovations or remodeling, those should be done before considering lighting, table sets, chairs or window treatments. Maybe your dining room is stuck in the 60's and you want to bring it up to date with modern or contemporary furniture. Whatever design you choose you can make it happen with just a few well thought out dining room decorating designs. For instance you can change the entire look of your dining room by installing new ceiling fans and lighting. There are lots of styles to choose from and the price will greatly depend on the design and the size of the fan.

Instead of cleaning your carpets you can install new carpeting or add area rugs. Rugs go great in any room of the house and can help protect your floor and carpet from damage. These too come can be purchased in a variety of styles such as modern and contemporary, antique, tile as well as in different shapes. Don't stray too far from your kitchen decor when considering decorating ideas. You want your dining room to be an extension of your kitchen, not a separate entity. Both rooms should have similar decor so they do not clash with one another.

Your idea of remodeling may be to install cafe style louvered doors to your dining room door from the kitchen. These are inexpensive makeovers that can bring the entire room together. They can match the furniture or the walls and let your guests feel they are in a separate room while remaining a part of your kitchen decor. You can remodel by installing matching louvered cafe doors with louvered window shutters for window treatments or adding ceiling fans with uplights so that there is ambient lighting instead of only lighting the dining table.

Using inexpensive makeovers for decorating is a better idea than spending all your holiday cash on your home. Window treatments, lighting, curtains and rugs are some of the cheaper ways to give your dining room a face lift. You can do most of these ideas in just a few days without having you home tore apart and in shambles. Consult your local retailers on the availability of the decorating ideas you want before beginning your project. You could be left high and dry this holiday season without your dining room table or without your chandelier to eat by if you don't check to see what is available.